10 Top Watch Brands List – Luxury Watches Brands Ever in the World

Watches Brands For Women's and Men's


The Top Watch Brands – Since by the sixteenth century, watches have been around, they were & they still are considered a need. Each man should wear a watch because it effectively finishes the outfit. Some people thought that even the best watch brands may leave style with the attack of innovation, they were wrong. The top watch brands are still mainstream, helping them keep the time and giving them a modest look. Although watches are not as prevalent as they used to be, now a watch is much more important than it used to be. There are watches, composed of splendid watchmakers and created by master hands.

Luxury Watches Brands for women's and men's

Watches reflect one’s taste & convey greatness to one’s look. For a corporate look or an easy-going look, a watch adds appeal to a man’s style. Everywhere throughout the world, there are various well-known watch brands, however, it is vital to search for the ones that are best for our looks.

Top Watch Brands List – Best Watches Brands Ever

Top Watch Brands List
Top Watch Brands List 2018-19

There are a couple of essential factors that influence the watch, Its Brand, Its Model, The Date of Manufacturing & Its Condition. Here is the list of top watches brands that not only help us to check the time but also to enhance our looks.

  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Lange and Söhne
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Blancpain
  • Cartier


Rolex Watch

Price range: $5,000-$680,000

Rolex is one of the top watch brands and its models suit each way of life event, from brandish watches to dress watches. In addition, every one of them wonderfully made and the absolute best of their kind. There are not very many watches of which a similar claim can be made which places Rolex in an exceptionally elite section & are prized for their craftsmanship quality.  There is an entire market for watches that only look like Rolexes. Vintage Rolex cherishes the sentimental idea that is usually extremely gorgeous ones.

Their models keep on growing in esteem quicker and steadier than most other existing great watches. Rolex is made of brilliant metals and will weigh altogether more. Rolex has since turned into a commonly recognized name among different watches, Rolex developed the principal of waterproof wristwatch and the double time zone watch, both are key highlights on Rolex models today.

Nowadays the interest of the Rolex has really gone worldwide while the brand has adapted itself to new fashions and patterns.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe

Price range: $17,000-$1.3 million

Swiss brand Patek Philippe has set the standard for extravagance timepieces for quite a long time. It is popular in the watch world for creating high entanglement dress watches and consider by many to be the loftiest extravagance watch mark.

There’s no doubt that a Patek Philippe watch is conveying a great deal of status to the table and is regarded all over the place & so is considered as the top watches brand. The Patek Philippe mark is the third most perceived Swiss watch mark on the planet with just more moderate standard brands. For example, Rolex and Omega in front of them.

It has one of the most astounding exchange esteems among their rivals & generally increase in value overages. Their watches are famous for their craftsmanship, downplay plan, and breath-taking complexities.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet

Price range: $17,000-$1.3 million

In case you’re searching for a more intriguing looking watch, Audemars Piguet has many plans. It is more out of the famous box with regards to design. The persistent quest for flawlessness is the reason that has made the brand continue improving. They have created numerous timepieces that will stand out forever as firsts.

The coolest thing is its trademark consideration regarding points of interest. On the dial, you will find that Audemars Piguetisserie is on it. You may find minutely engraved stars and stallions. These characteristics add this brand to the list of top watch brands.

According to Bennahmias “We make our looks as wonderful inside as they are outside. Surely, even the parts you don’t see a need to be great”. He asserts Audemars Piguet’s complete systems cost 30% more than rivals.

A. Lange and Söhne

Lange and Söhne Brand

Price range: $18,000-$2.5 million

Lange and Söhne ended up when they were frequently worn by European sovereignty. Following quite a while of accomplishment, the brand was seized by the East German government in 1948 and the Lange family was compelled to leave the business. After 145 years the grandson of Ferdinand Lange gave the brand a new life & it appeared as one of the top watches brands.

Since its revival, the organization has made huge progress. Lange and Söhne are adored for its wonderfully made watches that enhance quality. You likewise don’t get a reasonable watch – at the top of the line, A. Lange and Söhne makes a portion of the costliest watches on the planet.

Wonderful as they seem to be, Lange watches are generally beautiful thusly costly. Lange doesn’t disclose creation numbers, however, it’s an idea that they make impressively less than 10,000 watches a year. It is one of the top watches brands.


Jaeger-LeCoultre perfume brand

Price range: $5,000-$2.5 million

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches due to their great plan & super innovations are known to be one of the luxury watch brands. The watches are no doubt classic, yet the excellence is more than this; with just about two centuries of watchmaking knowledge, this renowned organization exhibits a portion of the absolute best watchmaking to have ever existed. The rundown of accomplishments continues endlessly but most of their extravagance watches go through a proper testing.

Since 1833, this brand has managed to keep its goal, which was developed and maintaining one of its kind. The great components of these watch brands are especially engaging because they can wear over and over. Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are best-known for their great difficulties and creative developments. The brand creates and delivers all segments of the watches, in-house. In this way, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a genuine maker.

Blancpain Watch Brands

Blancpain Watch Brands

Price range: $7,500-$1.8 million

Blancpain watches have never formed quartz watches or watches with digital display. They deliver almost thirty watches every day. It is one of the top watches brands because the organization is well known for its mechanical watches & are known to be the most exclusive watchmaker still in existence. The dial is a mix of copper and gold

Blancpain experienced enormous improvements, with its flourishing in the nineteenth century, it caused refreshing, modernizing and advancement of their watches. It has a wide scope of various watches accessible; in every styled piece.

The most dynamic watchmaker on the planet, Blancpain is famous for its working. The organization’s sense of duty regarding creating just the most elevated quality watches is what keeps its so mainstream today.


Cartier Watches

Price range: $2,300-$2.8 million

Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 & was one of the primary brands to make wristwatches in vogue. It is a name that has been around the chronograph scene and one that has been delivering top class watches for a considerable length of time. Cartier takes pride in having master watchmakers that assemble their watches, which is the reason each chronograph they produce is a gem. However, what makes it extraordinary is its second hand, which is the finest materials and includes the component of extravagance no other watch brands can replicate.

Cartier keeps on becoming famous in the extravagance timepiece world. In mid-2017, Cartier declared it would bring back their popular Panthère watch. Apart from that one of the Cartier watch ‘The Astrotourbillon’ arrives in a white gold case, hence it becomes one of the top watches brands.

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