Tips to Get a Job in Dubai – Job Hunting Guide 2019


Tips to Get a Job in Dubai: This post will share some tips to get a job in Dubai. I will share some experience regarding my visit to Dubai in these tips and what I have heard from my other friends, who are already doing jobs there. Job hunting in 2019 is really tough these days but Dubai has a record of hiring most of the people from overseas for different jobs.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is located in a gulf, where a person dreams to get a highly paid job. Some want to feed their families by doing jobs in Dubai whereas some want a higher standard of living where they can fully enjoy their life while performing the job assigned to them by their boss. 

Tips to Get a Job in Dubai

As your job hunting guide now I will share the latest tips to get a job in Dubai as soon as possible.

1. Planning:

One must have a plan to get a job in Dubai. Let us suppose you are ready for job hunting, here you have to ask yourself some questions, Like How will you be beneficial for employers organization in Dubai? How you will motivate yourself for jobs in Dubai? Last but most importance How bad do you need this job? In conclusion, this last one specific will make you hungry for the job if you want it badly.

Furthermore, before going for the interview you have to do some homework for getting the job. Prepare yourself for some common interview questions. Visit Employers website, read about them, as no one knows where you might get some edge on getting the job.

2. Job Market:

The job market in Dubai is something you need to study. Visit some websites that post for jobs in Dubai online and mark those skills that are related to your qualification degree. Acquire and learn those skills that are in high demand as this may be a golden chance to get a highly paid job in Dubai.

3. Online CV & Social Network :

The third tip to get jobs in Dubai is that email your CV to different organizations HR department. Here let me acknowledge you that some companies or organization in Dubai have email filtering mechanism in their email system in which they filter out your CV from useful emails, so don’t totally rely on getting a job by applying online in Dubai. You may need to visit different organizations and submit your CV manually for getting a job.

Now coming back to getting a job by expanding your social network. You should create a profile on multiple websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google plus. Also, make some profiles on websites that paste ads for jobs in Dubai. Here are some websites on which you can search for jobs in Dubai Bayt, Gulf Talent, and NaukriGulf. Spread your network by joining groups and adding people in your circle because this is a great chance of acquiring a job by following this step.

4. Never Give up: 

The most important tip to get jobs in Dubai, if you really want to get a job, keep this tip in your mind as motivation “Never Give Up” because research shows that not only in Dubai but around the world most of all successful people to get job were the ones who were consistent and patient during their job hunting. They followed a routine and plan as a result which made them from jobless to employed.

Follow these four tips to get job Dubai. Now I will guide you about what not to do while doing Job Hunting in Dubai.

Mistakes to Avoid while Applying for Job in Dubai

Now some tips to avoid some common mistakes while applying for jobs in Dubai.

1. When to apply:

This tip will save your time, some people make common mistakes such as applying for jobs in Dubai when most of the companies aren’t hiring. I would suggest to never ever apply for a job position in Dubai when it comes to the month of Ramadan, as most of the hiring in this specific month is closed.

Same goes for the days near Eid. Best months to apply for a job are December, January, June, and July as most of the companies have positions open for hiring.

2. CV Format: 

CV’s format plays an important role when it comes to acquiring a job. Dubai has a separate format for curriculum vitae which one must follow to make it understandable and likable for the person reading it.

3. Job Searching and Applying online only:

A mistake made by people during their period of stay is that they don’t really follow a plan. Here it is strongly recommended that one must look for papers and target jobs online by making some list and assigning them a day for an interview. No one knows maybe you get lucky enough to secure a job in the second interview.

Now coming to applying online only, this won’t help you get a job. Your chance of getting a job will be much higher when you go for the walk-in interviews, build your network through social media such as LinkedIn. Another best way is to drop your CV with HR person.

Dubai Jobs Salaries

Job Title and their average salary in Dubai for the year 2019 are as follows:

Accountant: 3500-20000 Dirham

Driver: 2500- 3500 Dirham

Engineer: 10000-25000 Dirham

Laborer: 600-1500 Dirham

Project Manager: 10000- 22000 Dirham

Architect: 15000-30000 Dirham

School Teacher: 24000-34000 Dirham

Director: 25000-50000 Dirham

Personal Assistant: 2500-20000 Dirham

Doctor: 30000-35000 Dirham

above are some pay scale of various job hunting positions in Dubai.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned salaries may be subject to change depending upon skills and experience of a person.

Lets me share some benefits to doing a job in Dubai.

Why Do Jobs in Dubai?

A simple question that why would one leave his/her country and move to get a job in Dubai? now answers to this question, the way many people see it, are:

1. Money:

Pay scale in Dubai is way more than one can get in his/her country. For example, if a person earns 10000 monthly for a job then that person will earn 15000+ for the same job and effort in Dubai. Money is the main reason many skilled workers want to get a job in Dubai and are lured to work there. Why wouldn’t they? As you are paid extra for the same effort of work. Cheers!

The last but most important factor is that in Dubai you have a tax-free salary which means you don’t have to pay any tax on your salary. 

2. A standard of Living:

The living standard in Dubai is extremely modern. Latest architecture when it comes to design. Tallest buildings when it comes to size. Best medical hospitals when it comes to health.

Imagine your walk on a pavement in Dubai and tens of Lamborghini and Porsche pass by, yes that’s the real standard of living in Dubai. If the car is not gold plated it won’t get a second look. Every small or building you visit has a perfect air conditioning system. One cannot find any lack of standard of living when it comes to doing a job at this place.

3. Tourism:

When it comes to tourism the government of Dubai seems quite serious as they see it as a way to keep foreign cash flowing into the United Arab Emirates. They have Burj Khalifa 160 stories skyscraper with a view, worth watching with your own eyes.

Not to forget about Palm Islands and Palm Jumeirah as they are a special treat for tourists in Dubai. Now imagine when you are doing a job in such a place and with some extra cash in your pocket each weekend would be a trip or picnic.

In the end of this post, I would request that if there is something missing in this post please add it in comments for helping others and Best of Luck for job hunting in Dubai.

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