My personal favorite online shop for saree dresses in birmingham uk and why


Living abroad as a desi is a tough job, anyone can attest to that. The hardest part about being a Pakistani or Indian in the UK is getting your favorite traditional clothes. Trying to find that one perfect outfit for an upcoming occasion can be a real pain. It’s not like there are no shops or brand outlets that you can go to, but these shops can be really expensive. Spending an entire day in the market trying to find that perfect dress that you can’t even easily afford is very frustrating.

I found the solution to this problem when online shopping started becoming easier. This way I could easily find clothes online and get them delivered to my house. This was much easier and cheaper than going dress shopping. But there was still one problem left. As I am a big fan of a traditional saree, there were not many online stores that sold good saree suits. That is when I came across Libas e Jamila and immediately fell in love with their Pakistani and Indian dress collections.

Getting my favorite saree dresses delivered in Birmingham UK

A friend referred me to the website of Libas e Jamila. I opened the website quite half-heartedly as I had been trying to find a good saree for a few days and was very frustrated. But my mood immediately lit up when I saw their collection of these gorgeous traditional saree dresses. They did not just have the most beautiful and latest designs of saree, but the dresses were very cheap as well.

Libas e Jamila has been my go-to store since then. I have ordered many sarees, along with other Indian and Pakistani style dresses for a lot of events and they have not disappointed me even once. From the quality of the fabric to the design of the saree, everything is just ravishing.

Saree Dress Collection

There is a wide range of clothes available at this online store for you to choose from. Be it formal wear, party dresses or wedding clothing, they have it all. Let me walk you through some of their saree dresses that I have personally bought and absolutely loved.

Traditional Saree

This fusion between the traditional saree and modern fabric is absolutely charismatic. A plain saree with embroidered borders and motifs at the bottom, along with a beautifully embroidered blouse is something you can pull-off at any event. There are different colors available in this design which can help you make it suitable for any type of occasion. I paired this one with my mother’s antique jewelry and felt stunning in the look.

Traditional Saree

Saree with Angrakha style blouse

Along with various saree designs, there are many styles of blouses available at Libas e Jamila. Take this Angrakha blouse for instance. Mixing up the traditional Angrakha with the length of a blouse gave this saree dress a whole different look. The intricate embroidery on both the blouse and the saree gave the whole dress a lovely finish, making it perfect for your desi wedding events. I wore this style on my friend’s sangeet and almost everyone inquired about where to get this stunning piece.

 Saree with Angrakha style blouse


Saree with a block print

As much as anyone loves embroidered dresses, there is something very unique about the gold print like the one shown in the picture below. This printed saree is available in beautiful deep shades with matching blouses. Pairing this formal saree with delicate jewelry can make a perfect look for a formal party or a reception event.

Saree with a block print

These are just a few examples of the amazing saree dresses available at Libas e Jamila.

Along with sarees, traditional shalwar kameez, sharara dresses, Anarkali lehenga, and so much more are also available in a wide range of styles and designs. Good quality, cheap prices, and glamorous designs make Libas e Jamila the perfect hotspot for Indian and Pakistani clothes’ shopping. The best part is that all this is available for you at your own home. You don’t have to leave your house to benefit from this amazing range. Just get it delivered and enjoy creating many diverse looks for any of your upcoming events.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite style of traditional clothing now to enjoy good deals on gorgeous clothes.

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