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6 Festivals in Europe


Famous Festivals in Europe – In today’s era, all of us have a hectic routine. We do not get enough time to enjoy our lives. Festivals play a very vital role to make our lives joyous and happy. Europe is a continent where millions of people live as residentials and millions of them visit it as voyagers. Therefore, it offers many colourful festivals in Europe to its guests as well as the locals. 

Best Famous Festivals 2018

Many festivals have cultural as well as traditional worth through the entire world. People love to celebrate them according to their religion and civilization to promote them. Like all over the world Festivals in Europe are very famous throughout the world.

European countries always like to celebrate the festivals in all aspects whether related to fun, music or religion. Some festivals held in summer some have worth during winter season some of them take place in spring as well as autumn.

List of Famous Festivals in Europe

List of Famous Festivals in Europe

List and names of some of the important famous festivals in Europe, being a land of diverse tradition are as following:

  • The Carnival of Venice/ Carnival di Venezia/ Mardi Gras, Italy
  • Tomorrow land, Belgium
  • Oktoberfest, Germany
  • Las Fallas de Valencia, Spain
  • Glastonbury, England
  • Up Helly Aa Fire Festival

The Carnival of Venice/ Carnival di Venezia/ Mardi Gras, Italy

The Carnival of Venice-Italy

This is the famous Festival that officially takes place from 11th February to 28th February 2017. The Carnival of Venice is also popular as Mardi Gras and with the passage of time and due to the musical worth, it becomes famous all over the world. During this Festival people enjoy musical performances, costume contests, theatrical performances etc. It held continuously throughout the week. Societies from Italy, disguise in elaborate costume and masks mainly from the 18th century. After this, masks allowed all the people to get rid of alter egos among them and stay together with freedom and social consequences and judgments.

The Venetian Palace serve all the citizens as a host to some of the Elite parties with high rates and prices. Traditional Galani-Frittelle the delicious sweets is available for everyone. At any time you can be purchased but only during the Carnival of Venice.

Tomorrow Land, Belgium

Tomorrow Land-Belgium

This is one of the biggest festivals in Europe related to music held in Belgium which is about 32kilometers north of Brussels. This starts from 21st July to 23rd July and also from 28th July to 30th July 2017. Other famous delightful aspects of this Tomorrow Land festival are bookcases, cobras, designed stages which turns in the fairytales castles. Furthermore, beautiful lasers and lights all over the stages and surroundings make animated venue throughout whole nights and evenings.

Couple mostly like these evenings and night due to loud music that will definitely convert your heartbeat in a fast rhythm. Superlative loud music beats become more rocking by dancing performances, musicians, DJs, singers etc. This Festival takes place in the temple devoted to love, the name of that hosting temple is Church of Love.

Oktoberfest, Germany


This is one of the popular festivals in Europe that held in Germany begins on 16 September and ends at 2:30 A.M AT 4TH October. Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest folk, the Beer festival. It held annually in the German city of Munich. Millions of revellers travel to Germany for about 15 to 18 days to have fun and enjoyment of this festival.

Historical costumes, parades, a vast and huge variety of German meals and cuisines, Bavarian traditional the beers of the region, live music and fun completes the Oktoberfest. All over the tents full of beers approximately ranging accommodation is about 100 up to 8000 people that convert the city into a beautiful funfair for about 17 days.

Las Fallas de Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas de Valencia-Spain

This festival has basically important due to the cultural heritage and its origin is in Valencia the city of Spain. All over the world, the tourists come to Spain for this national festival. The Las Fallas which occurs from 15th to the 19th March. Back in the Middle Ages, the carpenters used planks of woods called “parots” that was the access to them while working. The winter working days, at the onset of spring that wooden pieces were burned as the sense of ending darkness.

With the passage of time, the people who love to celebrate this festival decided to relate the burning of parots to stop it getting uncontrollable. The “casal faller” that raise the finance for organizing the “ninots” for this festival. The groups and designers from all over Spain will gather in the area of the city called“ Ciutat Fallera”. They arrange everything for about a month for exquisite towering tableaux before starting this festival.

Glastonbury, England


One of the most popular ancient festivals in Europe is Glastonbury. It’s based in England. Opening hours for this are from 1st April to 30th October and the weekends are 2p.m. to 6p.m.  So, 1st November to 31st March from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. having all sort of facilities for the tourists.

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The traditional and ancient historical legends and myth join together like mostly the visitors cannot differentiate the “vibes” also the strength of the atmosphere of the town. The peak of the mountains and hills are fully surrounding Glastonbury along with a beautiful natural viewpoint. This amazing country of Somerset you will find the Glastonbury Tor. The terracing that is surrounding all over the Tor which has been interpreted like a maze based on the old mystical pattern and history. Church name ruined medieval is present at the peak of the beautiful Tor.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Scotland

Up HellyAa Fire Festival-Scotland

The starting torch celebration was held in 1881. This spectacular fire festival that held annually all over Scotland. Up Helly Aa which takes place in Lerwich the city of Scotland.  The Guizer Jarl along with companions and squad start the preparations in February. People in rural areas of Scotland celebrates this Up Helly Aa Fire festival from the 24th day of the “Christmas” as “Antonsmas” or also as Up Helly Nights. About 900 torchbearers that are known as “guizers” move like a series of visitors. The series of marches continuously enjoy walking in the presence of burning lights.

These are some huge worth taking festivals in Europe that takes place every year on the basis of some historical, traditional, cultural and civilization based on ancient histories. Must attend the festivals and get familiar with the colour and histories of Europe.

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