Top Affordable European Makeup Brands 2018-19


Top European makeup brands: Makeup is the most loveable item now. The concept of makeup keeps on changing at different time intervals. Makeup helps us to look prettier and stunning. It enhances the facial features and gives a defined beauty and style. With increasing demand, a lot of makeup brands are now available with the most quality products, making it hard to decide which brand to follow. To give mesmerizing addition to your personality, you have to invest in a great texture makeup brand. Europe is the continent which exports the makeup of its top brands to all other countries of the globe, making European makeup brands more demanding and top rated.

Top Affordable European Makeup Brands 2018-19


You can see different makeup brands beating up the level of other brands. Some brands are costly and some are reasonable. For your convenience, Tick blogger has chosen the following top-rated European makeup brands which provide you the most amazing, reasonable and lineament makeup products. The makeup of these brands wouldn’t give any side effects on your skin. They are produced by using the products which give long-lasting beauty and nourishment to your skin.

Top European Makeup Brands 2018

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

NYX cosmetics is the top European makeup brand. This brand was founded in 1999. Each product of this brand whether they are a primer, bronzer, foundations or lipsticks and nail paints, are loved by the customers. All products of NYX are the best because of their long-lasting effect. You won’t feel greasy by using these foundations and compact powders. NYX cosmetics symbolize glamour and empowerment. The products are amazing to use in daily routine and on special events too, to enhance your personality.

The product butter lip balm is awesome for those, who don’t want to wear too much makeup, but still, want to add a little sparkle to their looks. If you even use NYX cosmetics on daily basis, they wouldn’t leave any bad impact on your skin. The products make with great combinations and they are for all skin types. Mostly beauticians use these products for their mesmerizing results and professional touch. The products are widely used all over Europe because of their quality and reasonable prices. NYX cosmetics brand is operating as a ruler of the huge cosmetics business.

Essence (European Makeup Brands)

Essence Cosmetic

With an origin in Europe, essence cosmetics offer a wide range of beauty products for stunning makeup coverage. The best part of essence makeup brand is that they are not pricey and are very easy to use. To add volume to your eyes, you can use essence extreme mascara and eyeliner. Although, it’s a best European makeup brand. But its concealers are never appreciated by the consumers. They are improving their concealers as recently introduces a new concealer, which is a camouflage concealer.

With a great variety and glittery shades, you will find the best collection of essence nail polishes at any drug store near you. The powder products give great results of touch-ups for the whole day long. It is the most budget-friendly product you will find throughout Europe. Essence knows reasonable rates, more customers and it remained successful in proving this thought. The beautiful color combinations of all products would force you to buy them. Essence deserves to be a top European Makeup Brand.

Flormar Cosmetics

Flormar Cosmetics

This one of top European Makeup brands was established in Milan in 1970s. To give flawless effect to your skin floral cosmetics especially their foundations are the best. After applying the products, you will ask several times about the products you used by the people around you. The before and after results of this brand’s products are glorious. You will see a noticeable difference in your whole look.

Flormar cosmetics work as a magic and change your whole look from tip to toe. The cosmetics can be applied to any skin type without any false effects. The annual productivity of former products is in millions so you can imagine how much it is good for the consumers around the globe and in Europe. The products are neither too expensive nor cheap and are easily available at drugstores near you. There are many reasons to consider them the best cosmetics and top-rated European Makeup brands.

Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko cosmetics has 600 stores all over Europe. You will surprise by seeing the range of makeup products. Europeans are obsessed with the huge makeup collection of the brand. You will find countless options and variety of products. They will provide you constantly online offers. Using Kiko cosmetics the best european makeup brand, you ’ll surprise to get high-quality products at such reasonable rates.

In the starting, the products’ quality was too bad with some basic products, but they continue progressing and now consider as a top European makeup brand. You’d love using its concealers. Its eyebrow pencils and compacts are the most wonderful products. Kiko has prevailed its business in Europe with endless products, shades, and textures.



In 1993 two classmates’ Mathilde and Bertrand work very hard to introduce this makeup brand. They took the help of a doctor to make products using grapevine. It is the best antioxidant. This brand is very famous for its anti-aging products. As grapes are used in its formation so this brand is believed to be free of any negative impacts on the skin.  As all the products made with natural ingredients so it is a little costly brand and is to be one of the luxurious European makeup brands.

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Beauty elixir is the most used and demanded product of Caudalie brand and used by all makeup professionals. Forgiving nourishment and gorgeous addition to your personality and overall looks this brand works as a game changer. Those who are depressed and stressed should use the products and you will be stunned by seeing the consequences. Caudalie products are indeed the great for everlasting results and for giving an extra glow to yourself even in your daily routine.

Dior Cosmetics

Dior Cosmetics

The founder of Dior Cosmetics brand is Christian Dior. This amazing brand was established 70 years back in December 1946. The headquarters are located in Paris, France. There are 45 retail locations of this brand throughout Europe. While traveling in Europe you will find the best makeup quality products. Dior is a European luxury makeup company with its 210 locations and this company is serving worldwide. The annual production is huge and customers are increasing day by day. Diro is one of the best European makeup brands.

The company also introduced the Dior home for men woman and the baby Dior label for children. Dior produced a lightweight foundation which has a very smooth finishing touch, its number is SPF 30. This is best for skin care and daily use. It is suitable for all types of skin in all weather conditions. Indeed this is one of the best brands in the world but still, there are few unhappy customers who sometimes criticize this high-quality brands however this brand is struggling to make everyone happy and satisfy.

2b Colors

2b Colors - European Makeup Brands


If you love many shades and colors in makeup then 2b colors brand is the perfect choice which gives you dozens of nail polishes shades loved by each customer. The main concern of this brand is their quality and concoction. The most recommended and appreciated product of this brand is its nail paints. Its primer, blush, concealer, mascara, and cheek pop up blush all you will get under $10 each. So, all its products are budget friendly. 2b colors created some trends of its own. 2b Colors is one of the top European makeup brands.

All products of 2b colors brand are manufactured in France. 2b colors black waterproof eyeliner is the best product as it is very easy to apply wing liner and gives massive volume to your eyes. You will slay if you use it with the mascara using a big brush. Above all, the packing of products is cute and so funky. After applying the foundation, you will get more toned and smooth skin and will be astonished by before and after results. The eyeshade palette is amazing with the huge variety of plain and glittery colors. The bb creams which are very trendy nowadays are best for everyday use.

Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh, cosmetics is a Denmark innovative and latest trendy brand. This is a fragrance cosmetics and bath and body company. Gosh, cosmetics brand is new in the United States and also popular throughout Europe. The reason for the popularity of gosh cosmetics is its huge variety of colors, trends, and fashions. The products of gosh cosmetics bring very beautiful and sparkling effects. Gosh is one of the best European makeup brands.

 You will also find colored mascaras, eyeliners, eye shades and shimmy nail colors. Almost all of its products are waterproof which make this brand the top European makeup brand. The ambition of this makeup brand is to enable all the customer through the entire world one of the best makeup product. Nowadays beauty has become an innovative thing in Europe. Gosh, the brand quickly captures new ideas to make their customers attract to their best product.

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula

Physician Formula is a brand which sells organic makeup, that’s why this brand gives some perks over other makeup brands. The demand for this brand is huge, as all customers go for the products which are made up of natural ingredients. The products of this makeup brand are free of any negative effects on your skin, making it the most loveable makeup brand in Europe. The makeup products make with using sunflower seed oil, avocados and other fruits. It is the best European makeup brands at that time.

Its 100% organic, natural origin mascara will boost your lash length 5x. The brand has a great aspire to expand in the whole world and provide the top rated products to customers at reasonable prices and save them from the negative effects of usual makeup.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Affordable European Makeup Brands 2018-19

OCC is known as a mentor for color cosmetics. OCC is to be 100% vegan by the time they start the business. In the starting, they introduced only two lip balms and now the top makeup brand in Europe with endless makeup products. The high-density pigments and best products give edgy look, widely used by makeup professionals. The mesmerizing shades and dramatic textures are so appealing to use.

Give your lips a divine look using lip tar innovated by OCC. The products of this brand are widely appreciated in Europe. They are best for an alluring and bright look. You will get a great variety of makeup brushes design for a specific makeup application. You can experiment with the products at stores, without any time limit. Get the crazy lipstick colors of the brand and make yourself look elegant. You will also find the funky lip colors which will last the whole day.

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Above were the top European makeup brands 2018-19 which have gained the attention of masses. They are loved by the customers and hope you too would find them appealing. Go and grab products of your favorite makeup brand at the store near you. Use amazing products and slay!

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