Which are the Best Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo Designs of 2018?


Best Tattoo Ideas: Tattoos are now in the fashion more than ever. They are a symbol of free expression and thought and when people want to save and savour a special moment, they get a tattoo which keeps them reminding about it. The origin of tattoos dates back to several centuries when they were used to mark prisoners or given as a punishment for criminal offences. But now, trends have changed and they have a whole new meaning. Tattoos come in a variety of tattoo designs and shapes, and we will take a look at some of the common, new and refreshing tattoo ideas for everyone.

Best Tattoo ideas for women and men

Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Tattoos are a type of body modification in which you can add pigments and ink to the skin in a pattern and shape or with a specific design. There are various types including pictorial i.e. with pictures and images, symbolic which has symbols, decorative which has a pattern, among many others. Most of the time, people get tattoos which about special things and they hold a very valuable meaning. Men sometimes like to get more gruesome tattoos about their passions or to symbolize strength.

Women may prefer dainty tattoos about their dreams, desires or a loved one. But it is not always the same case; women and men also prefer androgynous and gender-neutral tattoos these days. Furthermore, you can read about the Business ideas for women as well.

Tattoo Designs For Men

Tattoo Designs For Men

Here are some designs and ideas for tattoos for men:

  • Angels: Angel tattoos are a favourite among men, symbolizing light and dark phases of life. It could be the peace angel or an angel of death reminiscent of darkness and difficulties in life.
  • 3D tattoos: These are highly demanded by tattoo lovers these days. The almost real images can make someone take a double take on what they are seeing. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men.
  • Characters: Tattoos of a favourite villain character are also in fashion. From the evil smile of the Joker to the metallic look of Darth Vader, movie geeks love to get these.
  • Name of a loved one: If you have someone you really care about, you can get their name tattooed simply on a wrist or in a lettered style within the shape of a heart too.
  • Geometric shapes: They look really good on men. These Tattoo designs are popular and look really simple and sophisticated at the same time.
  • Lion: Being the king of animals, it represents bravery, courage, and strength in a man.
  • Classic art: Those who love classical art like that of Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci etc. can have their works tattooed on their body as an appreciation of their art.
  • Japanese tattoos: These full body tattoos are badass and shoe the real dedication of a tattoo lover. Most men like Japanese tattoo ideas.
  • Biomechanical tattoos: The can make one’s head dizzy and doubtful, as they look weird and beautiful at the same time showing mechanical insides of a body rather than muscles or bones.
  • Religious tattoos: For those having spiritual and religious personalities, these are a good option.
  • Skull: They look haunting and appeal to those who are fearless.

Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo Designs For Women
Tattoo Designs For Women

If you like the tattoos for women, you can try the following feminine designs and tattoo ideas:

  • Flowers: These are very much preferred by women, as they show their delicate and less aggressive nature. These include roses, cherry blossom, lilies etc.
  • Butterfly tattoos: Being a common type of tattoo, there are a variety of shapes and forms of butterflies to choose from, these are drawn very intricately on the skin with very thin lines. They look really cute.
  • Stars: Being one of the ancient symbols, stars have a very symbolic meaning and are universally loved. Adorned with a favourite quotation, they appear nice and decent.
  • Heart tattoos: They are popular from the beginning, supporting love and romance and women love to get these.
  • Fairy: The fairy can either be evil or good, showing the dark and light sides of a person.
  • Texts: Quotes and phrases from books and movies look good and are a source of inspiration every day.
  • Zodiac: Those having a fascination with astrology and stars will really love these. You can get these on the neck, arm, hands and even the back.
  • Henna tattoos: These resemble the tattoo ideas of henna and the only difference is that they are permanent. Rihanna has one of these and they give a very daring look as well.
  • Dates: Tattoo of any special date i.e. of marriage, birth or any other beautiful event of the life is really cool. You will always remember that special day for the rest of your life.
  • Birds: They symbolize freedom and liberty. Ravens and doves, especially on the neck, give a really unique look.
  • Lotus: It is a very traditional design showing divine beauty and purity. The leaves symbolize openness and spiritual awakening.
  • Unicorn: Unicorn designs look epic, showing love for magic and creativity.

Tattoo Designs for kid’s Name

Tattoo Designs for Guys Name

Kids are really cherished by the parents and as a symbol of love and dedication for them, parents often get their name tattooed onto their bodies. Here are further tattoo ideas for such types of tattoos.

  • Name of kids in a heart looks really cute.
  • Tattoos with hand-lettered names are also frequently preferred by parents.
  • Names along with the time and date of birth of a child are common.
  • You can also get stars and hearts around the names.
  • Image of footprints or body parts besides the name is nice.
  • Bow and arrow with the name can link to the body.
  • Sometimes, the picture of the child is tattooed over the name too.
  • Butterflies having the names on their wings appear sweet and a loving tribute to the kids.

Design your own Tattoo Ideas

Design your own Tattoo Ideas

Not only these, but you can also design the tattoos of your choice on your own. Whether it is your favourite friend or someone you love deeply you can customize your tattoo as you like. These options are available in several tattoo parlours and as this is the age of the internet, you can do it there too. Several sites of tattoo shops provide you with the option of creating tattoos online with photo tracing and they entertain all types of ideas you may have about the type of tattoo you want to get. Stencils and samples are also available and you can make changes in them or propose an entirely different design too. The sites that offer such services include www.tattoodesign.com and customtattoodesign.ca among many others. The procedure to create your designs online are as follows:

  • Send the site your ideas.
  • The design team of experts will work on it to make it look more appealing and beautiful.
  • You will make a deposit and then can create your design freely.
  • With an authentication certificate, you will get the final designs of your tattoo ideas.

Free Online Virtual Tattoo Maker

Free Online Virtual Tattoo Maker

Not only can you create your designs on the internet with the help of professionals, but you can also do it virtually using apps without the involvement of other people. On such apps, various tools are available where you can enhance the shapes and turn your imagination into something different, refined, and beautiful that you can ink on your body later. Some of the virtual apps for making tattoos include,

  • Create My Tattoo: You can add an idea, and you will get offers from artists to morph into a final design. After paying them, you can have the design of your choice.
  • eKey Tattoos: This designer has different versions and you can use it on your own once you get the instructions.
  • Virtual Tattoo Editor: Here you can access different templates and already available designs as well as create your own.
  • Ink Generator: This virtual tattoo maker is free of any cost and you can make different letterings and fonts of a text of your choice.
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So, the above guide is full of Tattoo ideas and Tatoo designs. If you have any question or any suggestion you can comment below.

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