Best Short Stories for Kids 2018


Some of the best short stories for kids which are really enjoyed by the kids are given below. The stories which are discussed below are regarded to be the best one and you can also tell these stories to your kids at bedtime. They will really enjoy these stories.

Best Short Stories for Kids 2018

Best Short Stories For Kids List:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Best Short Stories For Kids: It is a story about a boy, named, Jack who lived with his mother. They were very poor and one day his mother asked him to sell their only cow. He sold his cow to a man in return for which the man gave him five magic beans. When he comes back home, his mother was very angry with him for selling the cow for just five beans.

She threw those beans out of the window Jack became very upset and he went to sleep without having his dinner, but the next morning when Jack woke up he saw a huge beanstalk, he starts to climb that beanstalk and finally he reached a kingdom in the sky. There was a huge castle where lived a giant along with his wife. When Jack saw the giant he became terrified and hid from him.

The giant also had sacks of gold coins, when the giant went to sleep, Jack took one of the sack. After that, he went down to his mother and she was very happy to see those gold coins. After a few days, Jack saw that the giant had a hen that lay gold eggs, Jack took that hen and came back to his mother. He gave the hen to his mother, her mother again became very happy to see the hen lying gold eggs.

Moreover, Jack went to a giant’s castle a saw a musical harp, when he took that harp, the harp shouted that “Master please help! A boy is stealing me”, the giant woke up from sleep and started running after Jack. After reaching home, Jack took an axe and chopped the beanstalk and the giant fell and died. After that Jack and his mom lived a happy life.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Best Short Stories For Kids: This story is about a little girl who was loved by everyone but above all by her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her a red velvet cap, which she used to wear all the time. One day her mother gave her a piece of cake to take it to her grandmother. Her grandmother lived in the wood when she reached the wood, she met a wolf.

The wolf asked her where is she going, she answered to her grandmother’s house, which is under three large oak trees. An evil idea came to a wolf’s mind to eat the little girl so he distracted her and asked her to pick some flowers for her grandmother. Meanwhile, he went to red riding hood grandmother’s house and laid down on her bed.

When little red riding hood gets her grandmother’s house she sees the wolf in her grandmother’s bed. And then the wolf ate the little girl. After eating the little girl, he laid on the bed and began snoring. A huntsman was passing by he heard the snoring voice and went inside. So, there he found the wolf he took a pair of scissors and hood in wolf’s stomach. ” Little Red Riding Hood is one of the best short stories for kids”.

The little red riding hood, Huntsman, and grandmother filled the wolf’s stomach with stones and tied it back. When he tried to walk he fell down an died. Then afterwards, when little red riding hood went to her grandmother’s house, she never listened to anyone and followed the straight path.

Snow White

Snow White Kids story

Best Short Stories For Kids: This story is about a girl, whose skin was as white as snow. She was the daughter of a queen but when her mother died, her father married a woman who was very proud of her beauty. So, she thought that no one is prettier than her. She used to ask for a magical mirror that who is the prettiest of all, and the mirror took her name. But as snow white grew fairer and fairer then the mirror used to say that snow white is the prettiest of all.

The queen started getting jealous of snow white. So, he asked a hunter to take her to the forest and kill her, but the hunter was really inspired by snow white’s beauty. That’s why he didn’t kill her and asked her not to go back to the king’s palace. She wandered in the forest and found a house. So in that house, she found beds and she rested on one of the bed.

When the queen got to know that Snow White is alive and is living in a small house in the forest. She dressed as an old woman and went to snow white’s house and gave her a poisoned ribbon. When she tied that ribbon to her hair, she falls down on the floor. When the dwarfs came they removed that ribbon and Snow White woke up.

The next day, the queen again came with a poisoned apple, which she gave to snow white. When snow white ate it she died. When dwarfs came they kept her in a coffee. One day a king was passing by that house he found the coffer and fall in love with snow white. So, he requested the dwarfs to take that coffer with him, they agreed.

When the coffer was carried it was being jolted and the piece of poisoned apple came off from her mouth. Further, she revived and then she married the king. But when the queen got to know that snow white was alive she herself threw herself out of the window and she died.


Cinderella Best Kids story

Best Short Stories For Kids: It is a story of a girl, named Cinderella, whose father had married another woman after the death of Cinderella’s mother. Cinderella’s stepmother had two daughters and she always treats Cinderella as the maid of the house. She uses to do all the house chores whereas the daughters of the lady didn’t use to do any work. After doing all the house chores, she used to go to the chimney-corner of the house.

One day the king called everyone to a party so that his son can choose a girl. Cinderella’s sisters dressed very nicely but Cinderella didn’t have any nice clothes to wear. She just cried and her godmother watching her crying came to her and dressed her up in silver. She also arranged a couch for her in which she could go to the party. But the godmother told her that she has to come back before 12 midnight. When she went to the party, the king’s son only liked Cinderella out of all the girls present at the party.

The king’s son started dancing with her. But when the clock strikes eleven and three- quarters, Cinderella ran away from the party and the king’s son ran after her. While running she left one of her glass slippers but she didn’t return to take that slipper back, because she was running out of time. The king’s son didn’t know her name and also her address. So he decided that he will marry the girl whose foot will fit in this glass slipper. When the king’s guard went to Cinderella’s house, both the sisters of Cinderella tried to thrust their foot into the glass slipper but they were not successful in doing that.

But when that slipper was tried on Cinderella, they found it went on very easily. Than Cinderella took out the second slipper out of her pocket and put it on her foot. Her sisters than felt sorry for all the bad treatment they had forced Cinderella to do. They were feeling very guilty and Cinderella then forgave them with all her heart. Then they married and lived happily ever after. Cinderella is one of the best short stories for kids in 2018.

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So the above article is about the short stories. We choose the best short stories for kids in 2018, these are the amazing stories. Kids should read these stories because it gives many lessons. We hope this article will help you if you have any question you can comment below. 🙂

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