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There are the variety of makeup brushes of wide ranges of sizes, having different shapes and lengths. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a beginner to decide which makeup brush should be used for different purposes. I will tell you about different makeup brushes, for which purpose they are using for and how to use them.

best makeup brushes 2018

Best Foundation Makeup Brushes

It is used for smoothing the liquid or foundation cream which you have applied on your face. It is used to blend the foundation smoothly into your skin, for giving a natural look. Start using the foundation brush from the middle of your face and to prevent any chances of harsh makeup lines around your face. The best foundation makeup brushes are the following. Further, you can read about the best and affordable makeup brands of 2018.

best and cheap makeup brushes
Best Makeup Brushes 2018-19
  • Real Techniques Foundation Brush:

This foundation Brush by Real Techniques is designed by experts. It is used to layer the foundation in a smooth fashion.

  • Japonesque Foundation Brush:

This brush by Japonesque provides the perfect amount of pressure for smoothing the liquid or foundation cream which you have applied on your skin. It’s the appropriate brush for travelling because it’s handle is small, and you can carry it easily.

Beauty Blender

The most effective way to use beauty blender is to squeeze it under the water so that it expands slightly in size and roll off the excess water on a clean cloth. It is used to make your makeup smooth. It helps in softening the harsh lines which result in applying eyeshadows. Use the broadsides of the sponge to apply it on your face and use the tip to pinpoint the small areas.

Kabuki Brush

This brush is commonly used for applying powder on your face. You can also erase the harsh lines by swirling the brush on your face.

Angled Blush Brush

This brush helps in applying products perfectly to your cheekbones. This brush will help to emphasize you’re natural contours. The two best-Angled Blush Makeup Brushes are:

  • Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush:

This brush is designed by the Sigma, and it is very smooth and dense, that pick up the product easily.

  • L.F Angled Brush:

This brush also has soft and dense bristles. Use this brush to apply the product on your cheekbones and move towards your ears.

Concealer Brush

It highlights those points that need more consideration like pimples etc. Moreover, it is also used to clean up the messy or irregular lipstick edges. Two of the best concealer makeup brushes are:

  • MAC 195:

It has a pointed tip and helps in correction of the spots.

  • Real Techniques Detailer Brush:

It is used to target those areas that need correction. In addition, it helps in removing the imperfections in a smooth fashion.

All-over Eye Shadow Brush

The Eyeshadow brush is used for eyeshades on your eyes. If you want to have smokie eye just apply eyeshadow under the lower lash line of your eye.

Blending Eye Shadow Brush

It is used to diffuse the eyeshadows over your eyes. Moreover, it can be used for blending multiple shades together.

Smudger Brush

It can be used to give smoky look to your eyes by softening your eyeliner. It is usually applied at the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Stippling Brush

You can use this as your base. The stippling brush is light and smooth. It gives the airbrushed look on your skin. The best stippling brushes are:

  • L.F Stippling Brush:

E.L.F provides you with the best makeup brushes at an affordable price. Furthermore, this brush could be used for dry or wet products.

  • Real Techniques Stippling Brush:

It has a double fibre brush and it has two types of bristles. These bristles help in providing the airbrushed attention to your face. These are too smooth and light.

Powder Brush

It helps to dust your face with powder. It is used to set the makeup on your skin smoothly. Here you can find the best Mac makeup products. The best power makeup brushes are the following:

  • Suqqu Face Brush:

It is a soft brush and it will use to spread the powder gently over your skin. It picks up the product in a required amount and distributes the powder all over your face so that it gives natural look to your face.

  • Real Techniques 100 Arched Powder Brush:

The products produced by Real techniques are really gorgeous so as this brush. The bristles of this brush are dome-shaped causing the powder to distribute evenly on your face.

Angled Brush

You use Angled Brush for brows as well as for eyeliner. It has multi-functions. You can fill the eyebrows of your own choice by using this brush. The sharp end of this brush helps in making winged eyeliner. Tow of the best Angled makeup brushes are the following:

  • Sigma E75:

The brush from Sigma comes in a short size that is cut to the right angle so that you can make your brows look perfect.

  • By Terry Angled Brush:

This brush is value to design eyebrows of your own choice.

Contour Makeup Brushes

In order to give a smooth look to your makeup, you have to use the contour brush. This brush has firmer kind of bristles and has a more angled tip. It helps to give shape to those areas which you want to contour. The best contour makeup brushes are the following:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush:

This brush is make for giving a definite shape to your face or in other words you can say it helps in sculpting your face. It is using to fill the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose so that these areas look soft.

  • Nars #21 Contour Brush:

Nars is also producing revolutionary makeup products. This Contour brush of Nars is also very good and it can use to give soft look to your face.

Highlight Fan Brushes

The bristles which are present in this brush can use for highlighting specific areas of your face. The brush picks up the small amount of product and is dusted over those portions that need to be highlighted. Following are the two best Highlight Fan Makeup Brushes:

  • Smashbox Fan Brush #22:

Most people use this for the highlighting. This brush picks up the required amount of product and distributes well all over the skin to give a perfect finish.

  • Sigma F41 Fan Brush:

The main advantage of this brush is that you can use it with cream, liquid and powder highlighters. Further, it helps in distributing the product evenly all over your skin.

Prices of different Brush Sets at e.l.f Cosmetics

The prices of different brush sets at e.l.f cosmetics are below. Moreover, you can buy anyone among these of your own choice.

  • 11 piece Brush Collection at the price of $30.
  • Professional set of 12 Brushes at the price of $12.
  • Ultimate face Brush Roll Set at the price of $55.
  • 6 piece Travel Brush Collection at the price of $18.
  • 19 Piece Brush Set at the price of $35.
  • Beautifully Precise Eye Brush Collection at the price of $15.
  • Pointed Powder Brush at the price of $6.
  • Contouring Brush at the price of $6.
  • Selfie-ready foundation brush for just $6.
  • Ultimate Blending Brush at the price of $6.

Prices of different Brushes at BH Cosmetics

A sale is going on BH cosmetics. The discounted prices of different makeup brushes available in the sale are below:

  • Crystal Quartz- 12 piece brush set at the price of $20.
  • Sculpt and Blend Fan Faves- 10 Piece Brush Set at just $15.
  • Rose Romance – 12 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag at just $17.50.
  • Vegan Brush Set – Essential Set at the price of $7.50
  • Vegan Brush Set – Flawless Face at just $8.50.
  • Studio Pro Brush Set – Blush at the price of $5.
  • Lavish Elegance – 15 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag for just $17.50.
  • ItsMyRayeRaye – 9 Piece Brush Set at the price of $24.
  • Dot Collection- 11 Piece Brush Set Black at the price of $15.
  • Pink- A – Dot 11 Piece Brush Set at the price of $15.

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So, above is the complete guide about makeup brushes and their prices. We hope this article will help you if you have any question or suggestion you can comment below. 🙂

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